Introducing your path to fertility

Introducing Your Path To Fertility

Actually, I’m 50 years old. A lovely age, I will add. Stronger, healthier than I’ve been my entire life. What a pleasant to say that.Who am I?I am Sheena Lovisa I’ve spent 23 years in and around infertility and fertility problems.I was a patient and under sterility treatment for a very long time. Six and a half years, to be exact. While I was struggling with my own infertility problems, I started volunteering at Resolve of NYC. I was the conference director, peer director and vice president. I wore a lot of different hats, and it gave me perspectives into fertility treatment and infertility that I never would have realized any other way. I found that by offering my time and services, my needs were met as well.


I got what I needed by fulfilling other people needs. My first gift from my infertility experience, all wrapped up with a red bow. I was on the board of directors when we helped Resolve of NYC transform into the American Infertility Association, which then turned into the present American Fertility Association. A new, patient not-for-profit organization was born. I was honored to work there for many years. Conference director, founder and editor-in-chief of in Focusmagazine, and Assistant Executive Director. I spent my adult life advocating for infertility coverage, raising awareness of the issues around infertility and infertility treatment and educating the general public regarding the challenges that those with reproductive problems faced.


I am presently working with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT). A wonderful place that treats their patients as human beings, understand their problems patiently . It’s a very satisfying and humbling place to work, with the clinical, professional piece being exemplary, as well as the integrated health and wellness piece. One of my contributions at RMACT is to found Fertile Yoga, a free, gentle, restorative style class that is open to the public.I’ve always had a lot to say. Fertility is my passion. Males and females having choices, being educated and being supported in their quest to build a family, those are the things that light me up.


Be there for a while.I have a lot more to say. A little teaser for what’s to come:Four ways to answer the question, “when are you going to concieve when you are fed up with the question. These are not politically correct answers. They may, in fact, be the answers in your head before your edit button kicks in. Big question, do they make you smile?We’ve decided to wait until the feeling of wanting one goes away.We’re so busy enjoying our vacations, our second home and our sleep-filled nights that we just don’t have time.